Lichens want you! Communication, dissemination and engagement strategies in lichenology

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Proposed Symposium Title: Lichens want you! Communication, dissemination and engagement strategies in lichenology


Silvana Munzi

Affiliations: Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


Traditionally, scientific knowledge reached the public through passive mediums like television programs and museums. In the last decades, we've witnessed a paradigm shift, where museums and botanic gardens have transformed into interactive platforms, offering immersive experiences through multidisciplinary approaches. Technology is democratizing access to information, widening age range and user typology, and fueling collaborative efforts among people with common interests thanks to various online arenas for source searching, content sharing, and discussion.

In the dynamic landscape of knowledge dissemination, the shift to virtual events, driven by health-security concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, has proven to be a game-changer. Similarly, citizen science activities have emerged as a powerful tool in science, extending educational outreach beyond traditional boundaries.

This paper analyses the strategies adopted in the last years by two scientific entities - the International Association for Lichenology (IAL) and the Italian Lichen Society (SLI) – for their communication, dissemination and public engagement, showing the global reach and inclusivity achievable through online platforms. In the field of lichenology, virtual experiences and citizen science activities enhance scientific literacy and training, contributing to environmental conservation by fostering familiarity and appreciation for lichens.

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Key words: Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Conservation, Education, Online events, Science outreach