Pedro Jordano


Biologic Station of Doñana, CSIC and Departmento of Vegetal Biology and Ecology. University of Sevilla.


He is Research Professor at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and Associate professor at Univ. Sevilla. His research focuses on the study of biological diversity (biodiversity) from both ecological and evolutionary perspectives.
Prof. Jordano is author of more than 280 scientific papers and three books, and has supervised 23 Post-doctoral fellowships, 21 PhD and 9 Master theses. He teaches courses on coevolution, plant-animal interactions and complex networks at the PhD and graduate programs, Univ. Sevilla and Univ. Pablo de Olavide.
He chaired the Spanish panel for the National Research Plan, program of Biodiversity, Ecology and Global Change, Ministerio de Economía e Innovación (2006-2013); 2018-2023 presiding the Environmental Sciences and Technologies program within the National Research Agency (AgEI). He also chaired the Starting Grants panel at the European Research Council (Brussels) (2012-2016; vice-chair 2008-2011).
Member of the editorial boards for: Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; PLoS Biology; Perspect. Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Movement Ecology; Ecography, and Oikos.
Mercer Award of the Ecological Society of America (2008), Marsh Award of the British Ecological Society, King Jaime I Award for Environmental Conservation (2014), and National Award for Scientific Research in the area of Natural Resources (2018). In 2019 he was named Adoptive Son of Triana (Seville), a civil recognition of the Seville City Council and the Triana District.