Post-Congress Excursions

Day Trips:

  1. Sierra de Guadarrama National Park – La Herrería forest - El Escorial.

    Sabana-like holm oak woodlands and Scots pine forests in the southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

  2. Sierra de Guadarrama National Park - La Granja - Segovia.

    Contrasting northern vs. southern slopes in the Central System encompassing different landscapes with holm and deciduous oaks, pinewoods, and summit scrubs.

Four-five day excursions:

  1. Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park - Jaén.

    One of the largest European protected areas, both a refuge during the quaternary ice ages and a center of speciation for a rich calcareous flora located in Andalusia

  2. Sierra Nevada National Park - Granada.

    The Baetic mountain range highlighted as the most diverse hot-spot within the western Mediterranean basin, with a remarkable rate of regional and local endemisms.

  3. Sierra de las Nieves National Park – Los Alcornocales Natural Park – Cádiz.

    Home of the ‘pinsapo’ fir and relics of tertiary flora preserved between mountains with one of the highest raiIberianfall in the Iberian Peninsula.

  4. Sierra de Albarracín – La Albufera Natural Park – Valencia.

    A journey through mountains and plateaus with the greatest peninsular gymnosperms diversity to reach the Mediterranean coast and the semi-arid Iberia.

  5. Sierra de Guara Natural Park - Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park – Huesca.

    A transect through the Pre-Pyrenees and the central Pyrenees that allows exploring the diversity of plant species and communities at the Mediterranean and temperate climate boundary.

  6. Irati beech forest – Larra karst nature reserve – Pamplona.

    The humid western calcareous Pyrenees are home to some of the best coniferous and deciduous forests on the Iberian Peninsula.

  7. Picos de Europa National Park – Redes Natural Park – León.

    Deciduous forests and a great diversity of scrub on limestone substrates alternate in mosaic with agropastoral landscapes in humid-climate Iberian Peninsula.

  8. Montseny Natural Park – Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park – Barcelona.

    A variety of elevational vegetation belts house broad-leaved and coniferous forests in the Catalan mountains, assembled by an outstanding floristic diversity.

  9. Serra de Tramuntana – s’Albufera Natural Park – Palma de Mallorca.

    The protected areas of the Majorca Island (Balearic archipelago) concentrate a large number of endemic species in a range of altitudinal belts

  10. Serra da Estrela National Park – Arrábida Natural Park – Lisbon.

    Journey through the west of the Iberian Central System to reach the wet mountains of the Portuguese Atlantic coast.

One week excursions:

  1. Teide National Park – Garajonay National Park – Tenerife and La Gomera islands.

    The best-preserved laurel forests and mountain thickets of the Canary Islands with a plethora of Macaronesian endemics and relict taxa.

  2. Tamadaba Natural Park – Timanfaya National Park – Gran Canaria and Lanzarote islands.

    Canary Islands pine forests, laurisilva remnants and xeric scrublands on spectacular volcanic landscapes.