Nomenclature Section at the IBC 2024

The Nomenclature Section of the XX International Botanical Congress will take place on 15th–19th July 2024 at the Real Jardín Botánico Madrid, immediately before the main part of the Congress.

The International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants is governed by its users, who are represented by members of the Nomenclature Section of an International Botanical Congress. The Nomenclature Section has the power to modify the Code by discussing and voting on formal proposals. Full details can be found in the Code: Division III. Provisions for governance of the Code.

Proposals to amend the current edition of the Code (the Shenzhen Code) are being published in the journal Taxon, beginning in volume 69 issue 3 (June 2020). In early 2024, a synopsis of all published proposals including the Rapporteurs’ comments will also appear in Taxon.

The Nomenclature Section also elects the members of the Permanent Nomenclature Committees, which represent the users of the Code between Congresses.

The Bureau of Nomenclature is responsible for the Nomenclature Section, in cooperation with the Organizing Committee of the Congress. Members of the Bureau of Nomenclature are as follows:

  • President: Sandra Knapp (United Kingdom)
  • Vice-presidents: to be appointed
  • Rapporteur-général: Nicholas J. Turland (Germany)
  • Vice-rapporteur: John H. Wiersema (USA)
  • Recorders: Inés Álvarez (Spain) and Anna M. Monro (Australia)

The Organizing Committee of the Congress includes the following members responsible for the Nomenclature Section:

  • Jefferson Prado (Brazil) and Inés Álvarez (Spain)

The list of institutions able to cast institutional votes at the Nomenclature Section will be updated before the Congress.

A preliminary guiding vote on proposals to amend the Code will be conducted in 2024 before the Congress. Members of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT), members of the Permanent Nomenclature Committees, and the authors of the proposals will be able to participate in this vote.

"Nomenclature section at the XIX IBC 2017 (Shenzhen, China)"