Leaf anatomy of genus Glyphochloa in relation to its taxonomy and ecology

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Proposed Symposium Title: Leaf anatomy of genus Glyphochloa in relation to its taxonomy and ecology


Maria A.A.R.Fonseca

Affiliations: Department of Botany, St. Joseph Vaz College, Cortalim, Goa- India.


The genus Glyphochloa W. D. Clayton of the subtribe Rottboelliinae, tribe Andropogoneae and sub family Panicoideae (Watson & Dallwitz, 1994.), is restricted to Peninsular India. All the species of this genus were earlier recognized under Manisuris L. Clayton (1981) reduced this to a single species and transferred others to the genus Glyphochloa W.D.Clayton. This paper brings out the anatomical studies of the genus Glyphochloa for the first time, relating to its taxonomy and ecology. This Genus is seen distributed along hard lateritic rocks in Peninsular and Central India, growing in the raining season. Free hand sections of leaf were taken, processed and observed under the light microscope. The genus Glyphochloa can be divided into two groups based on morphology: as single awned or two awned, growing at low and high altitude respectively. The anatomy of the leaf midrib shows prominent U or V shaped region in two awned species. The vascular bundles are well supported by sclerenchymatous patches on either side of the midrib. Epidermis in surface view is divided into longitudinal zones which distinguishes the intercostal zones from the costal zones, showing silica cells. Epidermal cells are barrel shaped, in few cases inflated. The mesophyll shows chlorenchymatous cells that radiate around all vascular bundles surrounded by bundle sheath cells.  Single awned species, showed sclerenchyma for all vascular bundles, while in two awned species, sclerenchyma strands girders were seen at constrictionson either side of the leaf.


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: 26, 22, 208

: Ecology, Glyphochloa, Leaf anatomy, Morphology, Peninsular India, Taxonomy