Workshop and satellite meetings attendance:

To attend any of the workshops and satellite meetings scheduled, please follow the guidelines described

  • Online registration will be available from your personal area, until July 16 at 13:00h (Spain time zone). After that, registrations will be done on site, during the congress.
  • In order to register for the workshop or satellite session of your choice, you must be previously registered for IBC.
  • You can check to see if you are registered for the workshops or satellite meetings in the iEvent application, attendance can be downloaded for free from the IBC website, or in your personal area.
  • The technical secretariat reserves the right to make any necessary changes, which will be communicated to you. For any information, you can contact us at this email:
  • We ask the attendees participants to access the workshop rooms before the time indicated in the scientific program (or in the signs that modify this schedule due to organizational needs). Participants who are not present at the start of the activity will be removed. There will then be space available on the waiting list for the next participant.
  • You cannot register for two workshops or satellite meetings taking place at the same time.

Note 1: Once the capacity of the activities is filled, they will disappear from the workshop registration platform on the website and in the iEvent application. However, you could still inquire about registering on-site.

Note 2: The selection of workshops and satellite sessions through the virtual platform on the website can only be done once, so please check the selected workshops before submitting. If you do not select the workshops correctly, please contact the Technical Secretariat at