A citizen science initiative to monitor urban plant biodiversity

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Category: Abstract

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Proposed Symposium Title: A citizen science initiative to monitor urban plant biodiversity


Nathalie MACHON1, Vanessa LAINE2


Affiliations: 1. Centre d'Ecologie et des Sciences de la Conservation (MNHN, CNRS, Sorbonne-Université), Paris, FRANCE 2. Tela Botanica, Montpellier, FRANCE


"Sauvages de ma rue" (Wild Plants of My Street) is a French citizen science program of Vigie-nature, developed by the National Museum of Natural History and Tela Botanica. Focused on the flora of public spaces in cities, it encourages urban residents to conduct a floristic inventory of their street and submit the data on a website developed by Tela Botanica. Two objectives guided the development of this program: an educational goal to help urban dwellers recognize the plants growing in their daily environment and a scientific goal to understand the ecological role of vegetated micro-spaces (tree bases, walls, pavement cracks, etc.) in the overall functioning of urban biodiversity. This project, initiated in 2011 in the Île-de-France region, was expanded to the entire metropolis in 2012. After about a decade, around 100,000 data points had been collected.

This presentation will provide an overview of the list of volunteer participants in the program and the motivations they express. The primary observation is that, in the initial years, individual volunteers submitting data independently have given way to more formalized organizations such as associations, schools, and local authorities, driven by diverse motivations. Additionally, we will delve into the scientific outcomes derived from the program.

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Key words: urban ecology, Vigie-Nature, Sauvages De Ma Rue