Assessing local and national floristic diversity through the Portal to the Flora of Italy

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Proposed Symposium Title: Assessing local and national floristic diversity through the Portal to the Flora of Italy


Lorenzo Peruzzi1, Fabrizio Bartolucci2, Gabriele Galasso3, Gianni Bedini1, Stefano Martellos4, Gianniantonio Domina5, Fabio Conti2

Affiliations: 1 University of Pisa, Italy 2 University of Camerino, Italy 3 Natural History Museum of Milano, Italy 4. University of Trieste, Italy 5 University of Palermo, Italy.


Approximately two decades ago, the Working Group for Floristics, Systematics and Evolution of the Italian Botanical Society initiated a collaborative project to develop a checklist of the Italian vascular flora. The first project output was a book, published in 2005, followed by a significant update in 2018. Another update is scheduled for release in early 2024. The project triggered two crucial requirements: the digital storage and publication of floristic records, and the dissemination of the checklist through an online information system. Consequently, the collaborative floristic project “Wikiplantbase” ( was launched in 2013, and in 2018 the online “Portal to the flora of Italy” ( was introduced to the scientific community. These two online tools operate in tandem, ensuring continuous updates and interoperability. They thus constitute a unified system, serving as a robust and reliable reference for the nomenclature, taxonomy, and distribution of the Italian vascular flora. Additional resources are slated to be incorporated into the system. These include a database storing protologues, type localities and other pertinent information about type designations for accepted plant names described in Italy, and the “” database (, focusing on chromosome numbers. Furthermore, the “The Italian flora of human interest” database ( will contribute to the expanding repository. An ongoing effort involves establishing interoperability between this system and external initiatives, such as the “World Flora Online” (, “Plant of the World Online” (, and the “Euro+Med Plantbase” ( This integrated approach aims to create a more comprehensive and interconnected resource for sharing and accessing a wide spectrum of botanical data.

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Key words: biodiversity informatics, floristics, Italy, Mediterranean, systematics, taxonomy