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Category: Symposia

Track: Pending


Abstract: Leguminosae (Fabaceae) is the third largest angiosperm family in terms of species richness with c. 800 genera and over 23,000 species. In ecological and economic terms, the family is also one of the most important plant groups of the World: it not only includes economically important food crops but also key components of a wide variety of ecosystems. Legume systematics benefits from the intensive work by the international Legume Phylogeny Working Group, an informal group of international scientists working towards a new insight of the classification and evolution of these plants. Increasing efforts on phylogenomics studies revealed multiple whole genome duplications within legumes, that along with the new NGS data available are contributing to our better understanding of the group diversification and evolution. Additionally, the new era of collaborative tools allowed the publication, and since then a continuous update, of the Leguminosae checklist provided for the worldwide community through a specific online legume data portal. This symposium will host leading experienced researchers as well as young systematics from across the World to introduce the most recent achievement in taxonomy, phylogenomics and evolution of legumes.

Speaker 1: Marianne Le Roux, Domingos Cardoso & Anne Bruneau South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), Université de Montréal M.LeRoux@sanbi.org.za , cardosobot@gmail.com, anne.bruneau@umontreal.ca Talk: The future of legume systematics and the use of collaborative tools

Speaker 2: Rowan Schley & Le Min Choo University of Exeter, Singapore Botanic Gardens rowan.schley@gmail.com, choolemin@gmail.com Talk: Evolution of legumes: from introgression to whole genome duplication.

Speaker 3: Ting-shuang Yi & Rong Zhang Kunming Insitute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences tingshuangyi@mail.kib.ac.cn Talk: Resolve tribal relationships of Fabaceae using nuclear, plastid and mitochondrial genomic data

Topics (Up to three): Systematics

Topic 2: Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics

Topic 3: Macroevolution

Justification: This symposium represents an excellent opportunity for the international botany community. The IBC 2024 in Madrid is an exceptional forum to bring together researchers who, in other circumstances, would not coincide in the same space. This will open new venues of collaboration. The three talks that we propose represent a balance of gender and researchers’ career stage . We have early career scientists (Le Min Choo & Rowan Schley), international research leaders (Anne Bruneau & Marianne Le Roux) and PIs from one of the most cutting-edge genomics labs in China (Ting-shuang Yi & Rong Zhang).