Wednesday 24th july 14.35 - 19.00 h. Location: -

Workshops and Satellite Meetings

ERGA plants group.

Location: N107+8
open in-person/hybrid meeting of the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) plant specialist group
Katja Reichel

IABMS Board Meeting

Location: A9.12
The IABMS Board meets to formalize the selection of the venue for the 2029 IBC and to discuss plans
Patrick S. Herendeen

eFLOWER meeting.

Location: A10.1
Discussion among coordinators and main partners of the eFLOWER project to plan future stages
Hervé Sauquet

Apocynaceae – Informal meeting welcoming all persons interested in the family.

Location: Neptuno
A chance for Apocynaceae specialists to meet and exchange news and ideas in an informal setting
Mary Endress

WFO TEN Poaceae.

Location: A10.13
This will be the first meeting of expert taxonomists specialising on the family Poaceae, in order to discuss forming an international Taxonomic Expert Network. This network will jointly make decisions on the accepted names and the classification of the Poaceae within the World Flora Online data system. We will discuss the group membership, operation, work to be carried out, and principles behind decision making.
Maria Vorontsova

ICPPR Nectar Working Group Meeting.

Location: N117+18
The event will be an opportunity to meet and discuss for the member of the Nectar Working Group of the International Commission for Plant-Pollintor Relationships in order to find possible common reserach interests to develop common projects as well as to plan future activity of the group.
Massimo Nepi


Location: N111+12
Annual assembly of members of the Spanish Botanical Society
Juan Carlos Moreno Saiz
Rosa Pérez-Badia

Meeting of the Working Team of the Spanish Catalogue of Alien Flora.

Location: N109+10
It will be a workshop devoted to the project for cataloguing the alien flora of Spain
Neus Nualart

Latin American Botany.

Location: N113+14
Focused on the advances and challenges of botany in Latin America and a space for networking.
Alejandro Palmarola

PPG II Workshop.

Location: N115+16
Participants will learn how to contribute to PPG II via its custom database interface
Joel Nitta


Location: Colón
Meeting to consolidate an academic community of researchers working on gypsum ecosystems worldwide.
Sara Palacio Blasco

Spatial Phylogenetics Discussion Meeting

Location: A10.08
In this meeting, open to all, we will bring together experts and practitioners (current or future) of plant spatial phylogenetics from all over the world to share experiences, methodological insights, and novel results. The meeting will potentially include a combination of short presentations, methodological demonstrations, and open discussion. The ultimate aim is to help advance the field by promoting collaboration, methodological improvements, and integration of results at the worldwide scale. Possible future joint projects will be explored.
Mario Fernández-Mazuecos

Genome Size Matters

Location: Retiro
This meeting aims to bring together the Organizers, Speakers and Chairs of two IBC symposia – ID 613/48 and 613/57 to delve into discussions on genome size-related research, focusing on its implications in macroevolution and macroecology. Our primary objective include exploring ideas for a dedicated genome size conference in 2025 and foster collaborations among researchers in this field.
Sreetama Bhadra